Your body is beautiful. It is unique and capable. As a collective, we love our bodies and consistently seek treatments to improve the way we look and feel.

We share ideas as women, and we’ve heard your requests. We’ve developed a new protocol for you, our goddesses. This set of modalities is designed to work together to kill stubborn fat cells, encourage lymph flow, break up tight fascia and tighten skin. The result is loss of inches, smoother skin and reduced cellulite.


Cryoslimming is a painless, non-invasive, incredibly effective treatment.
Reducing stubborn body fat, and tightening the skin, Cryoslimming is a perfect alternative to painful treatments with downtime. After your Cryoslimming session, you will be able to return to your regular schedule – same day, for a fraction of the price of other fat reduction technologies.

Cryoskin vs. Other Treatments: What’s the Difference?

What is Fat-Freezing Technology?

You may have heard the term “fat-freezing”. But what exactly does this mean? Other treatments involve attaching vacuum-like paddles to various areas of the body. These paddles suction to fat areas and cool them. Sessions can require you to sit with paddles on the area for up to two hours and treatments can be uncomfortable. One treatment causes very minimal difference and requires multiple sessions to see results.

A Better Way to Freeze Fat

Since fat-freezing hit the market, science has been on the hunt for improvements. The result of these efforts is Cryoslimming, a treatment that is faster and more effective. In a battle of fat reduction, consumers are finding Cryoslimming offers better results without downtime or pain. So what is Cryoslimming? Your practitioner uses a wand that delivers cold directly to the skin in targeted areas creating efficiency and enabling the practitioner to truly contour the area while firming the skin. Able to target for both toning and slimming, this equipment is the most effective treatment for reducing stubborn fat on the market today.
Zero pain. No downtime. More affordable.

What else can it do?

In addition to reducing fat, we can improve cellulite and tone the skin. In addition, we can treat areas other equipment cannot due to limitations.


Single Session


Series of 5


Series of 10