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This place is a treasure trove of wellness technology. We went for cryo and were blown away at how well the facility is equipped to handle basic wellness and relaxation all the way to chronic pain. This should really be the model for all wellness centers. It’s that good!

All I have to say is WOW!! I am new to cryotherapy and was a little nervous about doing it. The staff made me feel right at home and were more than happy to answer any questions or concerns I had. The next thing I know, I was in the cryochamber. How was it? AMAZING! The office is beautiful and staff makes you feel comfortable and right at home.

Ahhhmazing! I did cryo. Dani was awesome and talked to me the entire 3 minutes. I slept really well last night and felt great. Extremely clean, one stop wellness shop. Well worth the points. A MUST!

I got a facial today and it was outstanding! I loved the products she used. It was a very relaxing experience and my skin feels so nice. I also enjoyed a complimentary leg compression with oxygen treatment. I love that they offer so many wellness services. I’ll definitely be back to try out a massage too.

Luxurious studio with knowledgeable and incredibly hospitable staff. Brand new equipment and a long list of elite services.

The staff members at Evolve Cryo + Wellness are amazing, extremely helpful and excited about helping you learn about all the technology and services they offer for recovery. Being able to knock off the edge from soreness and fatigue makes a massive difference in my performances.

Alyssa was so great, she gave me a tour of the entire spa and detailed all the services offered before taking me back to the cryotherapy room. She talked to me throughout the session and helped distract me from the freezing cold! It was a great first experience with cryotherapy – she was professional and upbeat. I would definitely try cryotherapy here, or other services at Evolve.

It’s great to walk into a space and utilize top notch technology and have a very educated staff at your disposal. That being said, I am hooked on the cryo + recovery boots + oxygen.

What a pleasantly surprising treat for the body! The cryo was invigorating, and the oxygen & compression therapies were healing. Do your body a favor and drop into this joint often! You’re welcome.

The cryo treatments are amazing. The staff is warm and friendly. I love the atmosphere these ladies have created. Try the O2 and compression treatments as well.

After one session, I immediately felt a difference – less pain and more energy. The atmosphere at Evolve is peaceful and relaxing. The staff go above and beyond to care for your needs and explain how each therapy benefits your health. We are so fortunate to have a place like Evolve in Austin where we can go and be well.

Had a great first experience! After a tough workout on the bike, the cryotherapy cooled my muscles right down! Friendly, knowledgeable staff and relaxing environment! I didn’t want to leave!

I went for a bioenergy facial (I’ll get to that in a moment) and was greeted by an amazing staff. Nikki showed me all the cool things this place has to offer. I got some water, shimmied my way into some compression therapy for my legs, put an O2 mask (not mask really but those little tubes in your nostrils) and was on my way to relaxation. Keep in mind, I came in for a facial. Nikki educated me on cryoslimming, Cryotherapy, and the infrared sauna. She made me some delicious collagen filled bone broth and then it was time for my facial. If you’ve never had a bioenergy facial, DO IT. It was like a relaxing massage on your face that actually LIFTS. She did half my face and the results were amazing to say the least. Then, she so courteously did the other half of course. I ended with stem cells on my face and the overall experience was so relaxing. I ended up getting the membership because the price for everything cannot be beat. I’ve been to spas all over Austin and even Round Rock looking for a place like this and there just is nothing that comes close to the hospitality and value here. I’m so pleased! Thank you!