Choose from a range of East Asian holistic treatments, ancient healing processes and avante-garde technologies to internally repair and revitalize. Combining purification techniques and therapies designed to work with our body’s innate ability to accomplish the goal of overall wellness. Whether you seek to exfoliate, detoxify, improve immune function, decrease pain and inflammation, or reduce stubborn body fat, EvolvE has the perfect body treatment for you.


60 minutes

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine practiced for thousands of years. The underlying principles within acupuncture involve using fine needles to stimulate points along meridians. While acupuncture is commonly used for chronic pain and acute injuries, it is beneficial for a wide array of conditions. Our practitioners determine individual patient needs and create a customized plan, being mindful of how to incorporate Western medicine for maximum benefit.


30 minutes

Cupping is an ancient modality dating back to the fourth century. It gained popularity during the 2016 Olympics when athletes, including Michael Phelps, appeared with cupping marks at competitions. Cupping is used for pain, inflammation, and relaxation as a type of deep tissue massage. This therapy was used in ancient Chinese, Egyptian, African and Middle Eastern cultures. Cupping promotes increased circulation and helps to alleviate pain that occurs due to stagnation. It also helps to open the pores and release toxins from the body. While cupping can be a beneficial treatment on its own, it is a great complementary therapy to an acupuncture treatment. The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system.



Dry brushing is the process of manipulating the skin with a natural brush to stimulate lymph flow, exfoliate skin and help reduce cellulite. It assists detoxification by increasing circulation and promoting lymph drainage. Dry brushing also stimulates your nervous system, leaving you feeling naturally energized and invigorated. Add this treatment to a massage for the ultimate detox, and consider starting with Infrared Sauna. The brush is yours post-treatment for at-home care.


30 minutes

Gua Sha is an alternative therapy of traditional East Asian medicine. Sometimes called coining, spooning or scraping, it is a modality targeting an area of the body to intentionally create transitory therapeutic petechiae called ‘sha’. Raising sha removes blood stagnation considered pathogenic in traditional East Asian medicine. Modern research shows the petechiae produces an anti-inflammatory and immune protective effect that persists for days following Gua Sha treatment, accounting for the immediate relief patients feel. It offers a unique approach to issues like chronic pain. Your practitioner uses short and long strokes to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow.


90 minutes

Remove dead skin cells, demolish flaky patches and soothe every skin type with this gentle but highly effective full body scrub. This treatment will assist the lymph, improve circulation and brighten skin tone. Beginning with a skin stimulating dry brushing to encourage detoxification followed by a gentle Vitamin C rich exfoliator to polish dull skin. Your practitioner will get those impossible to reach areas and finish the treatment with a skin softening oil. This 90 minute body treatment will leave your skin baby soft. Add our 24K Gold body butter to impart radiance for a night out on the town or afternoon by the pool.


30 minutes

Performing more than 21,000 microstimulations per minute, Regen performs targeted and effective regeneration of the connective tissue. Holistic and non-invasive, it’s effective for all areas of the body for definition, lymph drainage, immune strengthening, shaping and cellulite reduction.

The immune system is our guardian, a defensive army that protects us against external enemies: Keeping it responsive and working properly to detox the body consistently is the basis for our daily well-being.
This deep micro massage stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, blood and lymphatic capillaries, encouraging the drainage of liquid from the tissues. Improved lymphatic drainage enhances the effectiveness of the immune system in the lymph node stations, detoxifying the body.

Circulation is fundamental for our well-being. When it is not optimal, oxygen and other nutrients do not reach the cells and tissues, and waste products are not properly drained, remaining trapped in tissues.

The Regen massage provides 21,000 microstimulations per minute: it reaches deep, acting on the capillaries, the sympathetic nervous system and the lymphatic system, encouraging proper lymph performance.

The gentle and non-invasive massage stimulates analgesic action, relaxing muscle contraction and reducing acute and chronic pain. Treatment reduces inflammatory processes due to traumatic and non-traumatic events, reducing swelling and boosting circulation and venous function.


45 minutes


Restoring the optimal level of oxygenation to tissue, improving microcirculation and facilitating metabolic exchanges. It regenerates the quality, elasticity and firmness of the skin, reducing swelling and adipose cells.

The solution for body contouring exists in this effective and non-invasive treatment. Sculpt mobilizes cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue down to the deepest layers, boosting circulation, draining fluid and reducing fat deposits. Sagging skin is the result of structural loss in the organ and tissues beneath. Sculpt treats the area as a whole, stimulating subcutaneous tissue and skin to increase circulation and tone.


60 minutes

The most effective fat reduction technology. Period.
Since fat-freezing hit the market, science has been on the hunt for improvements. The result of these efforts is Cryoslimming, a treatment that is faster and more effective. In a battle of fat reduction, consumers are finding Cryoslimming offers better results without downtime or pain. So what is Cryoslimming? Your practitioner uses a wand that delivers cold directly to the skin in targeted areas creating efficiency and enabling the practitioner to truly contour the area while firming the skin. Able to target for both toning and slimming, this equipment is the most effective treatment for reducing stubborn fat on the market today.
Zero pain. No downtime. More affordable.
Click here for more information on Cryoslimming and Cryotoning.


Using state of the art technology, get ready for a full body transformation in only 30 days. The Cryoslimming machine coupled with the Icoone lymphatic drainage technology flushes fat cells out of the body efficiently and swiftly, while also sculpting and toning the entire body.
Most clients add on full body cryotherapy and infrared sauna to get the fastest results and boost immune systems simultaneously. This treatment is safe and FDA approved. Schedule your consultation today to get started!


45 minutes

Fascia Release is an effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Fascia is the thin, tough, elastic connective tissue found between the layers of muscle fibers, around organs and connected in a web throughout the body. We hold stress in muscles, causing them to contract or become inhibited. Fascia can create tight knots or adhesions that act as triggers, constricting muscles, decreasing blood supply, causing pain and decreased range of motion. Fascia Release breaks down adhesions between the tissues and softens and re-aligns them.


30 minutes

It’s not magic, it’s science. Much like plants use energy from the sun, scientific research has shown the human body can absorb light energy to enhance tissue health at the cellular level.

Improve performance and enhance healing.
Absorbable by the mitochondria, this technology reaches targeted cells to increase ATP production (cellular energy), promote anti-aging, improve acne, enhance healing, reduce pain, and improve muscle recovery. In Dr. Harry Whelan’s research for NASA, he concluded that Photobiomodulation treatments accelerated wound healing, and improved recovery by improving mitochondrial energy metabolism and production. He further determined PBM Therapy to be a therapeutic intervention for the treatment of numerous diseases linked to mitochondrial dysfunction.

Near-Infrared (Reduce Pain, Speed Recovery)
Near-Infrared light therapy has the most powerful wavelengths of 880 nm to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface to target muscular pain, enhance healing, and restore cellular vitality