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It’s not magic, it’s science.

Much like plants use energy from the sun, scientific research has shown the human body can absorb light energy to enhance tissue health at the cellular level.

Improve performance and enhance healing.
Absorbable by the mitochondria, this technology reaches targeted cells to increase ATP production (cellular energy), promote anti-aging, improve acne, enhance healing, reduce pain, and improve muscle recovery.

The benefits of Photobiomodulation (light therapy) are dependent upon several factors including correct wavelengths, proximity to the body, duration of treatment, pulsing light and energy delivery. Our device offers the most efficient delivery system due to its proximity to the skin and pulsing light in the ranges needed to achieve results studied by NASA and leading dermatologists.

In Dr. Harry Whelan’s research for NASA, he concluded that Photobiomodulation treatments accelerated wound healing, and improved recovery by improving mitochondrial energy metabolism and production. He further determined PBM Therapy to be a therapeutic intervention for the treatment of numerous diseases linked to mitochondrial dysfunction.

Near-Infrared (Reduce Pain, Speed Recovery)

Near-Infrared light therapy has the most powerful wavelengths of 880 nm to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface to target muscular pain, enhance healing, and restore cellular vitality.

Blue (Reduce Acne)

Blue light therapy has the shortest wavelength of 465 nm, penetrating just below the skin’s surface to target acne at the source. Blue light therapy is clinically proven to kill bacteria and improve skin tone, leading to a healthier complexion.

Red (Skin Radiance, Anti-Aging)

Red light therapy uses wavelengths of 640 nm to stimulate collagen and elastin production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Red light therapy is an affordable, effective and natural way to achieve a youthful glow.

The key to achieving desired outcomes is utilizing an effective device. The body’s ability to absorb wavelengths of energy decreases drastically once it reaches 2-3” inches from the skin. As the distance between the light source and the surface of absorption doubles, the amount of energy available for absorption decreases by four times. Proximity is key.

Clinical literature demonstrates that treatments delivered multiple times a week over several weeks result in greater efficacy. Reduce number of treatments once desired results are achieved.

Spot PBM


After one session, I immediately felt a difference – less pain and more energy. The atmosphere at Evolve is peaceful and relaxing. The staff go above and beyond to care for your needs and explain how each therapy benefits your health. We are so fortunate to have a place like Evolve in Austin where we can go and be well.