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Meet our Team

Molly Trinkoff – Wellness Director

Molly moved to Austin in 2016 after being raised in Connecticut and spending a decade living in Manhattan. She studied at Boston University and then went directly into completing a Master’s program in Clinical Social Work at Columbia University, as Molly knew from an early age that she wanted to support people in need. She’s a steadfast believer in caring for one’s physical, emotional, and mental health needs and feels passionately that EvolvE is a sanctuary in Austin where one can do that impactfully and joyfully. Her eclectic work background includes client relations, clinical social work, marketing, public relations, event coordination, and hospitality, all of which help Molly in her day-to-day management of the center. This is truly a “dream job,” as she gets to directly assist people with their self-care and manage a center and staff that help others through various wellness modalities. Molly is so thankful to her stellar team and EvolvE’s amazing clients for making her happy each day.

Ashley Mechaley – Goods and Services Manager

For Ashley, EvolvE was a new beginning where she could grow and feed her passion to help and care for others. Ashley uses her background in hospitality to strive in providing a welcoming environment to anyone who walks in. Ashley believes that no matter what you do you do it with a smile and can-do attitude! Her favorite part about working at EvolvE is seeing everyone feel amazing after any service.

Carmen Hart – Lead Esthetician

Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, EvolvE’s Skin Director Carmen has been a practicing Esthetician since getting licensed in 1993. Her background includes working in medical clinics and alongside plastic surgeons nationwide. Carmen loves being an esthetician, as she loves helping people to look and feel their best. Her clients often come in feeling “less than” and Carmen believes it is a great honor and opportunity to help show them that they are “beautiful enough” as is.

Behka Arber – Esthetician

Bekha is naturally curious and a student of life, constantly learning and working on self improvement. Her quest for knowledge has inspired her to teach others. Bekha describes herself as an “artist at heart.” She started her career in the San Francisco beauty scene as an artist for Dior and other high end cosmetic lines and worked as a professional makeup artist in film and photo shoots since 2000. Behka continued to pursue her passion for skin care at the Cinta Aveda Institute and worked for some of the most prestigious Aveda Salons and Spas in the San Francisco area. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Behka specializes in treating aging and acneic skin, and is noted for giving relaxing and therapeutic massage. Behka will go above and beyond the typical facial service to ensure that all of her clients are satisfied with their result and feel rejuvenated inside and out.

Lee Adkins – Massage Therapist

Lee Adkins is a massage therapist, massage therapy instructor and continuing education provider. Lee received his massage therapy license in 1999, massage therapy instructor license in 2004 and continuing education provider in 2005. Lee specializes in deep tissue, natal-pre/pari/post, sports, myofascial release, scar tissue work, lymphatic drainage, singing bowls and kineso taping. Lee employs postural analysis and assessment and detailed body analysis to individualize each client’s session.

Meaghan Hill – Massage and Body Therapist

Meaghan believes that wellness comes from a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Her goal is to use massage to help each client get closer to achieving this balance. She graduated in 2012 from Texas Healing Arts Institute in Austin, Texas. As a detail-oriented therapist, Meaghan integrates several modalities during each session including deep tissue, Swedish, and trigger point therapy, customizing each experience for her clients’ needs. It is her passion to continue to grow and expand her knowledge of bodywork to bring lasting, well-rounded care to every client.

Kirsten Carter – Acupuncturist

Kirsten has been working in the field of health and well being for 18 years and is a graduate of Oriental Medicine from AOMA Academy of Integrative Medicine. It is through her experience as a Massage therapist and yoga instructor that she was guided to deepen her skill as a healer through her study of Oriental Medicine. It is her life calling to help people return to their highest potential of wellness through patient centered alternative healing with s holistic approach. She specializes in Women’s health issues including OBGYN, fertility, and natural youth-enhancing treatments. She sees health and wellness for her patients as a choice of life style changes, self-inquiry, and a commitment to fully embracing one’s journey to ultimate health. It is her greatest desire to guide her patients in their journey to health by offering solutions in Acupuncture, Tuina, Medicinal Herbs, Nutrition, Qigong, and yoga.

Patrick Pearson – Massage Therapist

Patrick is a New State native who began his career as a massage therapist in 2001. He was always interested in alternative health and healing, as he was curious about and wanting to live a healthy lifestyle himself. Patrick first studied personal training and was introduced to massage therapy through that avenue, while learning about the human body and how massage complements athletic training. He realized he had a talent for assisting people feel well through massage and for helping create healing environments. Patrick also loves the “special place” that practicing massage brings him to mentally and physically.

Henri Staley – Esthetician

Henri is a local Austinite and has been in the skincare industry for seven years. She is passionate about skincare, because not only does she get to the see the beautiful results of improving her clients’ skin, but she finds joy and fulfillment in allowing others to feel more confident. Henri chose Evolve due to her enthusiasm toward clean health and beauty, as well as taking care of oneself from the inside out.

Aly Bogie – Wellness Coordinator

Aly was born in Gilroy, California and has an educational background and degree in Nursing. She is passionate about self-care, with a particular fondness for skincare. Aly’s favorite EvolvE treatments include the array of facials and cutting-edge skin technologies offered, as well as infrared sauna and compression therapy. Particular highlights for Aly at EvolvE are the DNA Skin Institute products used during skin treatments and found on the center’s product shelves. DNA is made of only those ingredients that are 100% natural, chemical and preservative free.